About Us

Genom Studio is a software and games developer from Indonesia. We continue to struggle to make good games that train our brains and to help our community to be a better place everyday. We also producing some games for Muslim Kids and New Muslim (Muallaf) to learn Islam interactively.

If you are a Muslim too, we hope you can share our apps and games for Muslim to help us doing Da’wah. 🙂

Genom Studio also develop some Great Apps for Senior High School and College Student in Indonesia. Our special Division that deal with Education is called Genom Education.

You can see Genom Education blog at :


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You can also follow us at:

Twitter: @GenomStudio

Facebbok: GenomStudio

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or send us a love letter to genomstudio@gmail.com

Currently Genom Studio’s Software Engineer is Azhar Rafiq, he can be followed at:

Twitter : @azhar_rafiq

Facebook: AzharRafiqID

Thank you for using and purchasing our apps! 😀